About us

Balti Autoosad AS is the importer and warehouse distributor of automotive spare parts, accessories, oils and lubricants, tools and industrial accessories, bicycles and leisure products since 1995.

We are a part of Koivunen Group. Our parent company Koivunen Oy in Finland is among leading importers and wholesalers of automotive and technical products in Scandinavia. In other Baltic countries, Latvia and Lithuania, the Group is represented by our subsidiary companies Baltic Auto Parts SIA and UAB Baltic Auto Parts.

We cooperate with approximately 150 suppliers all over the world. Among them, there are several most prestigious partners of automotive industry, the manufacturers and suppliers of the original equipment.

Since the spring of 2011, we are member of Groupauto International , as a part of Groupauto Finland & Baltic States.

We concentrate 100% on wholesale. The sales to garages and end users is taking place via our customers - spare parts retailers and workshops.

The retail network Fixus - around 30 independent retailers under common brand name Fixus - covers all regions of the country, and is operating under the supervision of Balti Autoosad AS.